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NEXL CRM will help you create more business opportunities from your relationships — in less time.

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Say 👋 goodbye to spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are for numbers. Your clients deserve better.

 NEXL CRM can help you build better client relationships without spreadsheets.

Leverage Relationship Data For Success

Relationship data allows you to make better business decisions and build stronger relationships with your clients. As the market and relationships change ongoingly, it is important to keep an updated view of your relationships with clients.

Identify who knows whom, how often you interact with clients and identify clients at risk before it is too late.

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Prospect like a pro

Spend less time on finding prospective clients and more on converting them. Not only can you fill your opportunity pipeline with targeted client prospects faster, but use NEXL’s relationship intelligence platform to identify the quickest path to an introduction.

Find verified emails on 500 million contacts across 10 million companies, synced to your NEXL CRM.

Empower your team to reach the right decisions makers directly, using the most accurate and up-to-date emails and social media links. Search and discover companies that match the right target criteria. With NEXL, you’ll find the right prospective client while gaining key insights into current company data and statistics.

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Your first-degree connection to any professional.

Connect directly with the right decision makers, using the world’s largest and most accurate database of emails and LinkedIn profiles.

Find New Clients

NEXL CRM will show you new prospective clients that look like your current clients, based on country, industry and more!


Less Business Development

Using automation and data enrichment, the NEXL CRM will reduce your business development time by over 65%!


Win More Business

NEXL CRM will show you opportunities to re-engage with past clients and tells you when to reach out so that you don't lose them!

A smart CRM for smart professionals.

Stay connected with clients

NEXL's timeline feature will show you your complete client relationship history without getting stuck in long email threads or searching endlessly through inboxes.

Never forget to follow up

NEXL's Smart Alerts will automatically remind you to follow up based on your conversation history with clients, based on your unique business development approach.

Understand all your firms relationships

Finally, with NEXL's 360 Client Insights, you can get a detailed overview of every company you know and everyone you know within that company, along with all their contact history.

Less Time Doing Business Development.

In an ever-competitive industry, business development is a necessity. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take a lot of time.

NEXL CRM gives lawyers a simple business development tool that helps them do more business development, in less time.

A solution built for lawyers.

For business development and client management, lawyers need tools that are easy to set-up, easy to use and require minimal data-entry.

NEXL is the #1 no-data-entry require CRM in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today most lawyers have contacts spread out across social media, business cards, e-mail and networking events. NEXL’s Contact Manager is a next-generation Rolodex that helps lawyers manage all their contacts, making it easy for you to see all your contacts in one place and stay connected to them all with reminders, notes and a complete event breakdown of all your interactions.

NEXL can be up and running within days and will deliver instant ROI for your lawyers and BD team. Generally, we suggest a 4-week implementation plan for your lawyers to start using NEXL. We will work with you on a full communications and implementation plan to ensure the highest adoption rates throughout the firm.

It’s actually pretty simple to understand. We use the same connection as your phone would use to get your emails. We connect your NEXL account to your email server. The big difference, we can only read the header information of your emails and don’t have access to the email content. This ensures sensitive client information is never sent or processed by any of NEXL’s systems. Each time someone sends or receives an email, our system is informed, and we add the event with all from, to and cc email addresses to your NEXL CRM data store. We then use advanced mapping algorithms to map your firm’s relationships. Last but not least we use a library of over 2.6 billion professional profiles, to enrich your contact’s information to avoid manual data entry.

Yes. We have the same security and privacy measures in place as systems like Salesforce and HubSpot. Your data is encrypted at transit and at rest and is hosted on ISO27001 certified data centres. We work with many EU law firms who have put us through intense due diligence processes and GDPR compliance checks. NEXL also helps you stay GDPR compliant by helping you remove outdated and un-used personal information.

We can import any existing contact information into NEXL to give you an even better start. This is although not needed as we can scan your email server for contact information. We can go back for more than 12 months and discover your firm’s relationships for you

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