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“Our lawyers actually want to do business development now that they have this tool. Business Development is now celebrated within the firm.” – Business Development Manager

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Create a business development culture.

If you’re a business development manager or lawyer in charge of business development at your firm then you know how hard it can be to make your lawyers take a proactive approach to generating more business. Unfortunately, that’s a big problem for you.

Increase your business development success.

In an ever-competitive and client-centric industry, business development is becoming increasingly important and yet at the same time business development budgets are being squeezed more than ever before. Lawyer business development must be cost-efficient, continuous and effective.

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Despite your best efforts, it can be difficult to drag many lawyers away from current client work, putting out fires or just try out a new approach to generating business without a lot of push back, especially on a firm-wide basis.

We have the solution

Lawyers can be protective about sharing their contacts with the firm (and sometimes with good reason). Rather than trying to make hard charges, give your lawyers a tool that actually puts them in control while also giving you the data you need to see what’s going on with your firm’s relationships at any point in time.

Learn how NEXL can help

Your lawyers CAN become business development superheroes. They just need the right tools.

NEXL’s CRM is the ONLY CRM built with a flexible contact manager designed to help your lawyers do business development both online – and offline – without entering data.

A smart CRM for smart professionals.

Know where you left off

Using NEXL's timeline freature, lawyers can easily (and quickly) see when was the last time they spoke to a client and engage in relevant discussions based on the client relationship without getting stuck in long email threads.

With Smart Alerts, NEXL will do the hard work on reminding your lawyers to follow up based on their conversation history with simple alerts based on the firms’ strategy or the lawyer's unique approach. And as a business development manager, you’ll know if and when your lawyers are reaching out.

Finally, with NEXL's 360 Client Insights, you get a detailed overview of who knows whom across the firm. Never again have multiple partners go after the same client and always find the shortest way to an introduction.

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Built specifically for lawyers

Unlike other CRMs that were built for salespeople, NEXL’s CRM’s was uniquely designed to solve the special requirements of law firms – private client communications and minimal data entry while still allowing for your business development teams to get access to firm-wide client communication activities.

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Today, firms such as DFDL, Santamarina y Steta and Forest Flint are already seeing more control, more clarity and less stress using the NEXL CRM.

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