Aligning Law Firms around one goal – Turning Relationships into Revenue.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common today to see law firms with misaligned lawyer, BD and marketing teams.

NEXL’s Client Revenue Platform alleviates this by giving marketing, business development and the firm’s lawyer access to relationship data and insights (without the need to enter it).

Align your law firm

Sales (your lawyers) and marketing alignment is potentially the largest opportunity for improving law firm performance today – especially with downward pricing pressure and increase choice to clients. Inversely, when marketing and sales teams unite around a single growth initiative, they dramatically improve marketing return on investment (ROI), business development productivity, and, most importantly, top-line revenue growth.

Tear down the silos in your firm.

The silos between sales and marketing departments are a long-standing issue throughout every industry. The problem with misaligned sales and marketing teams is the inefficient processes that arise when teams aren’t unified. A key component is a lack of centralized, open information on the firms relationship which everyone can access instantly. Unfortunately, far too often vital relationship data is trapped in inboxes and minds. The cost? Slow revenue and bad client experience.

Nexl Aligns Marketing, Business Development and Lawyers – toward revenue.

NEXL's Client Revenue Flywheel

The legal market has changed. Law Firms now live in competitive, data-driven business world – where any law firm can approach any client, anytime. In this competitive world, law firms can no longer work in siloes and passively wait for clients to come to them. To stay competitive, lawyers and law firms must break down knowledge barriers, share resources and go from passive to active, collaborative business developers.

Learn how you can turn your relationships into revenue

using Sales Enablement

with Strategic Client Management

through Account-Based Marketing and Smart Collaboration

Start turning your relationships into revenue

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