Retain Current Client Business

Empower your law firm to increase client satisfaction using tech-enabled client management and key client programs.

In today’s highly competitive legal world, it’s imperative your law firms focus on Strategic Client Management to increase client retention (and defend from competing firm business development initiatives). 

NEXL makes Strategic Client Management easy.

Retaining clients using strategic client programs requires firms to manage clean contact and client data to ensure lawyers and allied professional can managed client interactions, without friction. NEXL’s no-data-entry CRM system allows you to see your lawyers’ engagement with your clients over time, manage tasks, see any upcoming meetings and any pending opportunities — all on one platform.

What is strategic client management and how does it help lawyers and law firms?

Simply put Strategic Client Management (SCM) is “the intentional servicing of your clients to nurture longer-term, more profitable relationships”. Today, a substantial body of research supports strategic client management as a key driver to law firm growth – increasing revenue and profitability while at the same time reducing the reliance on pitching elusive new clients

Automatic relationship data capture

In modern B2B strategic account management, it’s imperative your firm break down silos holding back vital relationship data. That’s why NEXL automatically captures all relationship data between you, your clients, referral sources and prospective clients, across meetings, emails and your marketing email systems.

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Marketing List Management

A key component of strategic account management is ongoing marketing engagement, scaled through marketing lists. NEXL allows your lawyers, BD and marketing team to build highly segmented marketing lists with a few simple clicks.

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Stay-in-touch reminders

Strategic Client Management requires you to stay in front of clients regularly. Using NEXL’s built-in stay-in-touch reminders you can set follow-up tasks for yourself to stay connected with key clients every week, month or quarter – with just one click.

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Strategic Client Reporting

Let’s face it, strategic client decision are easier with data. NEXL’s PowerBI integrations give you access to dashboards and relationship insights that help your team make data-driven business development decisions such as account-based marketing, key client recovery and/or uncover relevant details to increase the chances of winning new business during RFPs or pitches.

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